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Commercial & Industrial Garage Doors

Cambridge Doors and Windows is able to assist Commercial and Industrial sectors with their garage door needs. We understand that the needs of such sectors are great, especially when you consider the size and amount of vehicles that are used in order for a business or organization to operate properly. We also understand the need for your garage doors to function at all times without any concerns. As business owners and leaders of organizations, your operations hardly stop. Year-round, you work diligently in order to serve the needs of your stakeholders, and any inconvenience such a malfunctioned overhead door, can become a concern. We can certainly help industries obtain top-of-the-line garage doors, so your organizations can go on with their daily responsibilities, hassle-free.

A row of brown garage doors on the side of a building.

Commercial and Industrial Overhead doors

Below are some of the overhead doors that we are able to install for a variety of commercial and industrial entities:

Sectional Steel Doors

Steel is widely known for its exceptional durability. Some of the features of sectional steel doors include insulated options that are up to 30’2” ft in width, and 24’1’’ ft in height, and non-insulated options that are up to 32’2’’ in width, and 24’1’’ in height. Sectional Steel Doors are also engineered to meet the needs of wind load requirements and codes, 20 psf or higher.

Rolling Steel Doors

These steel doors offer an excellent aesthetic appearance while upholding its functionality. Some of the options that consumers have include galvanized and stainless steel rolling doors. The standard size of such doors have a width of 30’ and a height 28’. Rolling steel doors also come in a variety of finishes.

A warehouse with blue walls and yellow floor.
A green car parked in front of a garage.

Counter Doors

These doors are perfect for almost any working environment, whether it be retail, corporate or commercial. Their smaller size makes them a much more convenient choice for consumers that do not need to cover a large opening. The standard size of counter doors has a width of 20’ and a height of 9’.

Aluminum Glass Doors

If you place a significant amount of importance in the design and visual representation of your garage door, consider incorporating aluminum glass doors. These doors come in a variety of sizes, track styles, and finishing options. Some of the glazing material that is used to create aluminum doors include Plexiglas, tempered glass, and DSB glass.

We are also able to install other forms of commercial and industrial garage doors, and the include fire-rated doors, advanced service doors, and security grills.


We take the installation process of garage doors with great importance. We have professionals that can efficiently install garage doors of such immense proportions. Through our experience, you can be assured that your garage door will be installed with high precision and accuracy. It is our responsibility to ensure that the installation process is successful, so you can effectively operate your business without any worries or concerns. We can fully understand the concerns that many business leaders have. A failed garage door can affect the productivity of a company. Products won’t be able to be disseminated because a failed garage door damaged a vehicle. Perhaps a failed garage door not only ruined a vehicle or machinery, but it injured a worker. Because of these reasons, we carefully and meticulously install garage doors to prevent the accidents mentioned and to ensure that your garage door will be able to serve the needs of your organization.

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At Cambridge Doors and Windows, we are glad that we can help commercial and industrial organizations with their garage door needs. To us, we are not merely installing a garage door. We are supporting organizations in their daily processes. We are ensuring that their operations are safe and are protected from any potential damage that occurs when there is not an effective barrier in place. Cambridge is here to provide you with quality overhead doors. Any inconvenience can affect the productivity of your business. That is why it is our responsibility to ensure that you have quality products to reduce any of the risks that can affect your business.

If you would like more information regarding the garage doors that we are able to install for your commercial and industrial property, our representatives are here to help.

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