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Custom Wood Doors

Did you know that you could display your personal style through your door and entryway? Having a unique custom door and entryway can certainly provide a preview of your home’s overall style and essence to guests. Whether you would like to display subtle aspects or striking differences, the experts at Cambridge will bring to completion your entryway or custom door visions. Below are some of the services and products we can provide for your dream home entrance.

A person working on a wooden door with tools.

Custom Designed Doors and Complete Custom Entryway Systems

A front door with two windows and a rug.

If you can imagine it, Cambridge can create it.

Rely upon the design staff and production craftsmen at Cambridge Doors & Windows to make your dreams become a beautiful reality. The extensive custom design capabilities at Cambridge include a beveled and stained-glass workshop and a complete custom millwork facility. Using your creative input, our designers will create a unique statement of elegance and beauty.

A unique benefit offered by Cambridge Doors & Windows is the ability to combine standard products with custom designed additions to create a unique entryway statement. The entryway shown to the left used simple beveled insulated glass and our custom made over-sized 38” wide door, frame, & transom, to which was custom made to customers specs.

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A room filled with lots of wooden boards.
A pair of doors in the middle of a room.
Two men are holding a door in the middle of a garage.

Crafted with care, quality, and you in mind.

Cambridge custom doors and entryways are exactingly created from the finest select hardwoods, including, genuine African Mahogany, Meranti Mahogany, Cherry, Hardwood Maple, American Walnut and Clear Fir, & Knotty Alder. (Right Photo) Raw wood ready to be milled into a new door entryway, and French patio doors.

From a single door to an entire stained and finished, pre-hung entryway system, your Cambridge custom entryway is produced with all the attention to quality and detail that comes with 40+ years of experience of Michael Stinson craftmanship & skills along with his team.

In the photo at right, a custom-hand-crafted oversized door has been made-to-order to match a set of double beveled glass doors.

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A man standing next to a door with a glass window.
A pair of doors with iron work on them.

Leaded Beveled Glass

Leaded beveled glass is popular for good reason. If you're remodeling or building a new home or business, we can install a new solid wood door entryway with leaded beveled glass that will set your home apart from all others. Or, for a refreshing change to your existing home, we can upgrade the glass in your door to a leaded bevel design. We only install triple pane glass, will not work on single pane glass door. We don't even need to remove the door.


A pair of doors with stained glass windows and flowers.

All our leaded beveled glass panels are triple-paned with tempered safety glass on both sides of panel.

Cambridge builds entryways and privacy windows to your specifications. We have a multitude of designs to choose from. Basically, we can design and build anything you can imagine.

A door with a glass window in the middle of it
A door with two side panels and one with glass.
A door with a glass panel in the middle of it

Beveled glass & solid wood doors increase the value of your home, and enhances attractiveness for future resale. You're smart to invest in real solid hardwood doors with leaded beveled glass & wrought iron!

Your designs or ours...

Use your own designs, or let us design one for you, and your dreams will become reality.

A drawing of the front door of a house.
A drawing of the front door and window arrangement.

Finished to perfection

All doors and entryways are available with a beautiful Exterior Marine Grade Spar Varnish Finish applied by our master strainers & finishers.

The true art into any type of door unit is the way its finished and installed. Cambridge Doors & Windows prides itself on all the tiny details that go into making a perfect entryway so it will last many decades to enjoy and everyone who passes through it. Our 10-step stain finish has been enjoyed by thousands of customers over the past 4 decades and now sending their kids and families to us to have a forever door made for their entryway. We make doors to last a lifetime!

A man in white is standing next to a table
A person in blue gloves is using a knife to cut wood.
A man is working on a wooden door.
Two men working on a wooden project.
A wooden door with glass panes on the top.
A man is painting the front of a bench.
A person painting the front of a wooden table.

Having an entryway or custom door has the ability to showcase your home’s essence for viewers outside of your home. If you would like to speak to our professionals regarding how to incorporate your style through a custom door or entryway, contact us today!

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