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Windows — Overview

If we were to ask people about the purpose of having windows to our homes, they will probably say that windows provide lighting, that we can see the outside world, among other things. Although this is very true, there is a great range of windows created that serve many purposes. Windows serve many functions and benefits to our homes beyond lighting including security, energy efficiency, and improved quality of living. Yes, quality windows from Cambridge Doors & Windows can help keep your home less dusty, therefore helping with the air quality in your home. Below are some of the windows, options, and windows services that Cambridge produces, sells to, and installs for or customers.

A stack of windows in the warehouse

Vinyl Windows:

Some of our best sellers and fan favorites. The important aspects of vinyl windows are that they won't corrode or fade, which makes sure your home’s appearance remains presentable. They are also essentially maintenance-free. Learn about our Vinyl Windows here

Aluminum Windows:

Cambridge aluminum windows all have a special barrier that separates the indoor and outdoor surfaces of the windows in order to control strong weather conditions during the Summer and Winter seasons. Learn more about our Aluminum Windows

Hurricane Windows:

Strong winds and debris from storms can create serious damage to windows. Cambridge produces windows specially designed to protect homes from powerful weather conditions. Learn More about our Hurricane & Security Windows

Fiberglass windows:

If you would like windows that are cost-efficient but are long-lasting, consider incorporating windows with fiberglass. Learn more about our Fiberglass Windows

A living room with brown leather furniture and two windows.
A close up of the glass window with water

Glass Patterns:

Make your glass windows transform from ordinary to extraordinary with unique designs that will showcase your home’s essence. Learn more.

Glass Seal Failure:

The conditions of glass windows can change due to rain and sunlight and other weather conditions as time goes by. If you are looking to repair or completely replace the glass on your windows, consider Cambridge for your glass restoration needs. Learn more here.

Shapes & Grills:

We are able to produce a variety of windows styles and combinations that will fit your home’s overall style and design. Learn more about your options here.

Energy Star:

If you are looking to make sure your windows will be able to help you reduce energy costs, make sure they are Energy Star certified. Cambridge offers a variety of windows with such distinction. Learn how here.

A living room with a large window and a fireplace
A dining room table with chairs and a plant in the middle.


A vast majority of windows must follow certain guidelines and regulations in order to be produced and marketed to consumers. Cambridge windows follows the requirements necessary to make homes safer, learn more here.

Low E & Laminated Glass:

Concerned with the powerful rays that the Sun can emit? Much damage can be created from such rays, especially during the Summer. Cambridge offers Low E and powerful laminated glass to protect furnishings and inhabitants from a variety of damages, learn more here.

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