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Patio & French Doors

A dining room with a table and chairs, two windows and potted plants.

Because every home is slightly different and every homeowner has different needs, Cambridge Doors offers patio and french door systems with a variety of options and features - all in the interest of a perfect fit. From fiberglass, steel, and clad we offer removable wood grilles, internal grilles, mini blinds, bevel glass, Low E options, and multipoint locking system with decorative hardware. Built with high energy efficiency in mind, we're giving you a better view with a better look. Change out your old sliding patio door today with one of our new French style units.


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Fiberglass Patio Doors

Fiberglass entry & patio doors are also weatherproof but with the added benefit that they can be designed to match the beauty of smooth contemporary look, or wood grain doors to look like real wood doors. Fiberglass entry & patio doors are much easier to maintain than wood because they endure temperature changes without warping, swelling, or scratching. Our fiberglass doors are exceptionally energy efficient, so they help keep your home cool in the hot Texas summer and warm in the winter. Cambridge patio doors come in many sizes and styles, and can be custom fitted to your home or business. Let us replace your old worn out patio doors.

A view of the pool from inside the house.
A door with two glass panes and a vase of flowers.
A door that is open and has some windows in it
A person is standing in front of the pool.

Vinyl Patio Doors

Thinking of adding a new patio door? Vinyl doors are a top choice for high-moisture climates because they don’t absorb moisture or require painting. This means you can count on very little maintenance with these doors. Like the vinyl window's counterpart, vinyl doors are exceptionally energy-efficient, so they help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

A patio with chairs and tables in front of sliding glass doors.

Aluminum Patio Sliding Doors

Aluminum gliding thermal broken patio doors offer a clean design with an affordable installed price. Architects, builders, remodelers value our thermally broke aluminum patio doors for its strength and flexibility to maximize outdoor viewing. Built to resist rust and mildew, aluminum doors come in a wide range of colors to match your home’s style. Gliding patio doors are available in standard extruded aluminum color: White, Tan, Dark Bronze, and Black. Made in Texas for the extreme Texas weather conditions.

Aluminum Sliding Patio Door Specifications

MX500 Series extruded aluminum alloy, tempered for added strength
Dual adjustable ball bearing steel wheels in all insulated glass door units
Full perimeter weather stripping
Positive seal interlock construction
Telescoped Joints in all panel corners
Coped frame corners
Anodized Sloped Sill
Hollow Pull Rail
5/8" Insulating Energy Efficient Loe Glass

A large open room with sliding glass doors.
A pool is reflected in the window of an outside patio.

Other Details

Standard Actual Unit Sizes
5068.........59 3/8" x 80"
6068.........71 3/8" x 80"
8068.........95 3/8" x 80"
9068.........107 1/4" x 80"
12068.......143 1/4" x 80"
*Custom Sizes Call for Quote — We can custom build to your exact size. Also, we build 8' tall sliding doors, please call for a quote.


White, Tan, Bronze Power Coat Colors
Nailing Fins / Flush Fins
Keyed Locks
Custom made sizes (Width & Height)
Divided Lite Grills
Clear Glass / Loe Glass / Tinted Glass
Aluminum Sliding Bug Screens

A patio with chairs and tables in front of sliding glass doors.
A patio door with two sets of glass doors.

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