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Doggy Doors

A dog looking out of the window at its owner.

You see your four-legged friend having a hard time as it tries to get into your home. You are perhaps eating, watching television, or doing something of importance that requires your undivided attention. As we all know, our pets can be very rambunctious. They can’t stay in one place for an extended period of time. You have to get up and open doors for your pet constantly. At first, it may not seem like such a big problem, but as time goes by, it can become a nuisance. If this seems to be your case, consider incorporating a doggy/pet door in any area of your home.

Do I need a Doggy Door?

There are many reasons why you should consider creating a doggy door for your pet. We are sure you understand the cost of a traditional door, and if your pet is continuously scratching or creating some impact on it to get into your home, it can create some damage along the way. Why not create a door specially designed for your pet? Your pet can enter your home without causing any damage and will create an environment that is safe for your pet to roam freely without any complications. We are huge dog lovers here at Cambridge Doors! We would love to help you select the right pet door for your home.

Where do I start?

To create the best doggy door for your pet, there must be specific guidelines that must be met. For example, what is the breed of your dog or pet? Many dog breeds come in various shapes and sizes. Depending on the size of your pet, you must carefully analyze which height and width should a doggy door be designed. If you have multiple pets, you must also create an entry that will benefit all of your four-legged loved ones. Another aspect of doggy doors that you should consider is the material that will be used to develop such an opening. We can create and install designated areas in your door, solely for your pets. We recommend homeowners to incorporate fiberglass or steel material for doggy doors, as they offer a higher grade of efficiency and durability.

Many homeowners have a strong connection with their four-legged family members. We are certain that you would like to offer the best resources and the best lifestyle for them. One of the most subtle, yet effective ways to do so is by incorporating a doggy door. They will be able to roam free, without any hassle. This will permit pets to live more comfortably and will effectively reduce any damage to your property.

A door with a glass window and a cat door.

If you are considering adding a doggy door to any doors of your home, contact our Cambridge representatives to help you get started. Our experts will be able to conclude which doggy door measurements should be used, as well as help you in the installation process.

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