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New Door Finishing

As time goes on, you might witness your door from your entryway (or any door for that matter) changing in appearance in significant ways. The quality of sheen within certain elements of a door, such as hardwood material, is visibly reduced. Your entryway door no longer looks as when you first acquired it. Although this may be of concern to homeowners, there are mechanisms and procedures that can be executed in order to recover a door’s former state. This restoration process is referred to as finishing. New doors can also benefit from finishing, as they can reduce the consequences that time and certain traumas create on doors. Cambridge has a 10-step finishing procedure that produces doors with a protective finish that will guarantee them with an exquisite appearance, and most importantly, a long life.

Our in-house staining professionals apply only the best quality alkyd resin-based stains and marine-grade spar varnish top coats with ultraviolet inhibitors. They later hand sand each door, with great detail, after each step. This finishing system will ensure that each door will acquire long-lasting protection and beauty. The different hardwoods used to manufacture doors vary, moderately, in color and grain pattern. These differences are characteristic in hardwoods, and not defects. If you are ordering pre-finished doors for installation purposes, such as a double door or a door and sidelight, please let us know ahead of time. The best way to do so is by letting us know is when you are ordering your products. Cambridge will color match the finish of millwork items presented to the best of our abilities.

Our 10 Step Process:


Inspecting and Hand Sanding of the Door 
Every door, transom, sidelight and entryway component part is closely inspected prior to the finishing process to ensure quality. Then each part of the door - stiles, rails, panels, and mouldings - is hand sanded to ensure a perfect base upon which to begin the finishing process.


Staining the Door with Resin Oil Based Minwax Stain 
Only the best quality alkyd resin-based stains are used in the finishing process. The pigments used in the stain are resistant to fading and bleeding. Each stain remains on the door for the optimal period of time, to ensure that the color penetrates deeply into the wood. This guarantees lasting beauty. When staining and finishing an entryway which includes multiple doors / sidelights / transoms / and jambs, all items are stained at the same time to ensure a close color match between the different components.


First Coat of UV Resistant Polyurethane Liquid Plastic
After staining and drying, the door is inspected again for evenness and uniformity of color. Then the door is slightly hand sanded prior to the application of the first Top Coat layer. We use only the best quality marine grade spar varnish, complete with Ultraviolet Inhibitors, which ensures that the finish will last as long as possible. A low-pressure high-volume application process is used when applying the finishing coats.


Hand Sanding of Door 
After the first Top Coat layer dries, the door is again inspected. Then another detailed hand sanding of all door surfaces with 220 grit sandpaper and #0000 Steel wool.


Second Coat of Marine Grade Spar Varnish 
A second coat of marine grade spar varnish is applied, further enhancing the appearance of depth and beauty of the door.

STEPS 6 & 7

Hand Sanding of Door then Third Coat of Finish
The more we sand, the more beautiful the final appearance of the door will be. This meticulous final sanding step assures the elegance and beauty of the final product.


Fourth and Final Coat of UV Resistant Marine Grade Spar Varnish . . .
A heavy final coat is applied to the door, which provides the extra layer of protection against the sun and the elements.


For doors with grills:
Set iron grills and glass after door is completed and ready.


Final Inspection
Final inspection of the door, cured, and ready for installation into your new home to enjoy for decades to come.

If you would like to ensure the appearance and distinction of the hardwood of your entry door, or any door from your property, consider incorporating a quality multi-step finishing system that Cambridge Doors & Windows can provide.
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