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Hurricane & Security Windows

Safety is one of our top priorities when it comes to producing and selling products to prospective clients. A window is not simply an opening that allows light to enter a room. We believe that a window should protect and benefit individuals from a natural occurrence such as a hurricane, or a crime such as a burglary. An effective window should improve the overall safety of a home. Below are some of the specifications that you should consider when commissioning or purchasing a window.

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A living room with brown leather furniture and two windows.

Hurricane Impact Security Replacement Windows

Although they are commonly referred to as Hurricane Impact Windows, Impact Rated Windows, & Security Windows and Doors have many more benefits above and beyond protecting and securing your home from flying debris.

A satellite image of the storm system that is approaching.

Hurricane Impact Windows offer numerous benefits, ranging from hurricane protection and improved energy efficiency, security, to noise reduction and increased home value. Our large selection of industry-leading products includes a wide array of window styles to fit your design and project needs. Single Hung, Horizontal Sliders, special shapes, and Fixed Windows are available in durable, hurricane-resistant materials that include Aluminum, Vinyl framed windows the harsh Texas weather. Hardware finishes, glass, and grill options offer the ability to truly customize your Hurricane Security Impact Windows to fit your needs.

Durability that Lasts - Even in a Hurricane

While some national window manufacturers pull out of the Gulf Coast impact market, the people at Showcase Windows live here and work here. We know what it takes to build impact windows that stand up to coastal storms.

Cambridge Windows will Weather the Storm

  • Fusion-welded sashes and mainframes for an airtight, waterproof seal
  • Exceptional glass packages quality-inspected by specialized cameras
  • TDI approval for new construction and replacement applications
The Storm of The Century

Hurricane Harvey, August 2017 This massive storm dropped the most rain ever recorded in the U.S. Its equaled Hurricane Katrina as the most expensive storm in our history. Over four days the Gulf Coast experienced:

  • Category 4 storm winds up to 130 mph
  • Downpours up to 4” per hour with a peak accumulation of 60.58”
  • $125 billion in damages including 135,000 homes and over 1 million autos
  • 30,000 people displaced, 17,000 rescued, loss of life, and more than 13 million people were impacted
The Showcase Impact Windows & Doors

While national companies are leaving the Impact window market, The Houston & Gulf Coast area is our home. We know Impact products for the Gulf Coast that offer:

  • Technically superior laminated glass
  • Strong, fusion-welded vinyl frames
  • Proprietary, custom-made reinforcements and hardware
  • Excellent performance ratings
  • Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) Certification for both replacement and new construction applications


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Cambridge is the leader in Energy Efficiency, Maintenance Free, Window & Door Security business in Fort Bend County and has been securing homes in the Houston & Fort Bend area for over 33+ years located in Stafford Texas. We carry Hurricane Security Entry & Patio Doors & Windows that will with stand Intruders and Hurricanes....

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KeepSafe Security Glass

At its best when the weather's at its worst, KeepSafe Glass is hurricane and burglar protection you can't see until you need it. Imagine glass windows and doors that stand up to hurricane-force winds up to 110 mph…that protect against flying debris...that resist forced entry...and that work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in your home. Now there's a single kind of product that delivers it all--windows and door systems made with KeepSafe Maximum glass.

Protect your home from home invasionsSimilar to car windshields and aircraft windows, KeepSafe Maximum is produced by bonding a tough polyvinyl butyral (PVB) plastic interlayer between two pieces of glass under heat and pressure. Once sealed, the glass "sandwich" works as a single unit and appears transparent, just like ordinary glass. The result is a tough, durable, high-performance glazing material that tests show can resist hurricane-force winds and windblown debris.

All window systems using KeepSafe Maximum glass meet the hurricane requirements for wind-borne debris. It is a shatter-resistant, aesthetically pleasing barrier that will help protect your property and family from burglaries.

The KeepSafe "Break-In Protection" warranty offers you reimbursement on your insurance deductible for property loss arising from break-ins through a broken or smashed KeepSafe glass window. Also, this warranty program is transferable if you should sell your home. What a great selling point - safety!

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Crime Clock, burglaries continue to occur at the alarming rate of one every 12 seconds. Thieves tend to see homes as easy targets and often attempt to gain entry through the most accessible areas: windows and doors.


STOP SMASH & GRABS in your homeSecurity experts note that if it takes longer than 10 seconds to penetrate a home, even the most determined of thieves will likely go elsewhere. "Burglars look for the path of least resistance. If they have to make noise to break in, they'll be deterred," says Jean O'Neil, director of research and policy, National Crime Prevention Center.

More than half of all completed burglaries involve forced entry of some kind, such as the breaking of glass to unlock a window or door, the prying open of a door or picking of a lock. Now, with the window systems made with KeepSafe glass, there is a helpful solution with the confidence of a "Break-In Protection" warranty backing it up.

A shattered window with the sun shining through it.


  • Hurricane Protection: Windows and doors made with KeepSafe Maximum glass meet or exceed the toughest code requirements for hurricane protection.
  • Safety: Resists penetration from accidental impact. If broken, glass fragments tend to adhere to the interlayer thereby reducing the danger of serious injury. Meets CPSC, CFR 1201 and ANSI Z97.1 safety glazing standard.
  • Sound Control: Is effective in controlling the transmission of sound into your home.
  • UV Protection: Screens out 99% (up to 380 nanometers) of the sun's most damaging rays reducing glare, fading of carpets, drapery, and furnishings.
  • Security: Protects against forced entry and resists repeated blows from hammers, bricks or similar weapons. Meets ASTM F-1223 (Class 1) forced entry standard.
  • Appearance: No unsightly metal shutter systems over every window. No stacks of plywood in the yard or garage.

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