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Screens for Windows and Doors

Are you looking to reduce heat build-up in your home? Would you like to save on those costly month-to-month energy costs? Cambridge can offer a solution that will able to reduce those issues and even other concerns relating to screens. Below are some of the services and products that we are able to provide to customers, upon request.

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Solar Sun Screens

In Houston especially, we are all very familiar with how powerful the Summer heat can become. When we can feel its presence, we turn to our air conditioning systems to provide some form of alleviation. This is certainly the most comprehensible response to combat the heat. Although many individuals turn to this solution, this option can become costly. Energy bills can increase during rising temperatures, therefore, customers can look for an option that helps reduce the amount of heat accumulating in the home. This option comes in the form of solar sunscreens.

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Insect Screens

Cambridge can provide customers with screen repairs that are needed to combat the bugs and pests that are most prevalent during the warmer months. Customers tend to discover that there are issues with their screens when heat strikes. From that point, many manage to find out ways to combat the insects which includes trying to fix the screens themselves. We recommend to customers to bring in their old/damaged screens so that we can copy the sizes and make new ones. We can also install new screens if necessary. We are also able to create screens custom made for your home’s windows. It only takes a call to get started in obtaining new and improved screens for your home.

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Pet Resistant Screens

We all love our pets. We love that they are full of energy and provide so much love to us. Sometimes, though, their rambunctious energy can be too much. So much so, that we find out for ourselves that certain damages were created, especially to our screens. Cambridge has pet resistant screens that are created with the strongest material that can withstand the powerful bites or scratches from animals such as dogs and cats while maintaining the essential elements that screens have. Pet resistant screens come in grey and black.

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