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Steel Doors

A front door with two doors and a stone wall.

Some doors offer excellent reliability. Homeowners will undoubtedly feel the benefits of getting a dependable door that will serve the needs of their entryway, where they will able to experience a considerable degree of satisfaction. Then there are the doors that will not only give homeowners such comfort but will also provide them with much-needed peace of mind. What kind of doors are we discussing? Well, we are talking about steel doors of course! The benefits of acquiring this form of door for your home brings plenty of benefits. What are those benefits, you might ask? Well, they offer incredible security, they come in a variety of glass styles and are very much resistant against many weather concerns.

Benefits and Features of Steel Doors

Below are some of the qualities that you will see and experience from having a steel door:

  • Heavy 24-gauge smooth, steel skin that delivers exceptional structure stability
  • Hot-dipped, galvanized steel finish that resists corrosion and rust
  • R-15 CFC-free polyurethane foam insulating core that provides four times the insulating efficiency of wood
  • Choose from a wide selection of glass styles and can add sidelights and transoms to match
  • Available without glass in flush and embossed designs
  • Have a triple bottom sweep, compression weatherstripping, and jamb corner seals that prevent air and water infiltration
  • Moisture-resistant bottom inner core rails
  • 12" lock block and jamb guard security plate that reinforces locksets and deadbolts
  • Full mortise hinges that prevent sagging
  • Sill plate extends under jambs and brick mould to avoid water-wicking and provides a larger caulking surface
  • Light frames resist discoloration and warping (can paint any color)
  • Backed by a 5 or 10-year warranty
A front door with flowers and plants on the outside.

If you have been dreaming of obtaining a door that will provide your entryway with an exceptional appearance, and that will also provide you and your loved ones much needed security, consider Cambridge steel doors for your home. For more information regarding our steel doors, don’t hesitate on contacting Cambridge.

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